Sales Increase As a Result of Good Menu Design. How Is It Possible?

Оформление меню ресторана - важный элемент эффективного маркетинга

Restaurant menu design is an important element of effective marketing

Anyone who thinks that menu is just a list of dishes is making a big mistake. This approach to menu design won’t result in the constant flow of customers and higher profits.

In today’s restaurant business menu is an important marketing tool influencing sales.

Its design makes a first impression of restaurant’s cuisine before the customer sees the ordered dish on the table.

Does your menu increase sales?






Let’s look at different menu designs:

    1. Menu book. This menu design attracts attention with its cover, which is usually made of leather, textile or cardboard. The menu looks solid, and it is pleasant to hold.
    2. Menu holder. This menu design saves time because it always stands on the table. It can be used as the main menu or its supplement.
    3. Electronic menu. The simple version is a backlight menu similar to e-books. A more innovative electronic menu design is a tablet providing direct communication with the waiter and internet access.

All these methods for restaurant menu design have verbal descriptions of dishes and can be accompanied by pictures.

However, small pictures do not give a full and comprehensive idea of the dish. For example, the size and design details are not clear. It is much more effective to present the restaurant’s assortment in three-dimensional space (3D). Remember what is more appetizing: the actual dish or its small picture.

An innovative restaurant menu design

Оформление меню при помощи аппетитных муляжей блюд на витрине ресторана

Menu design using mouth-watering plastic food replicas in the restaurant window

Of course, demonstrating real dishes is impractical. But don’t you want to whet guests’ appetite and encourage them to order as much as possible?

That is exactly why Japanese restaurateurs invented an equivalent to cooked dishes, namely plastic food replicas.

Plastic food models are made from high quality materials and are impossible to tell from real dishes.

It is especially advantageous to put them on display in a restaurant window. Your amazing menu will be seen not only by your guests but also by passers-by, who will be coming closer to see this beautiful window-dressing.

The most “delicious” menu design

На табличках перед муляжами блюд написаны название и цена блюда

Cards in front of fake food items have information about names of dishes and their prices

Put cards with the name and price in front of every fake food dish and your outdoor advertising will turn into a menu. The menu that entices every passer-by with its “delicious” appearance and reduces fear of going to an unfamiliar food-serving establishment.

After the passer-by has seen this enchanting display, there is nothing left to do but come into your restaurant and immediately order something, because the dish was chosen before entering the place.

Besides, your customers do not need to bombard the waiter with numerous questions about the size of the dish and its ingredients.

In addition, they will order more, because after the main course they won’t be able to resist the tempting dessert. And you will only have to calculate the increasing profit!

You can see in the pictures how appetizing and tempting menu design with plastic food replicas looks:

Глядя на привлекательные муляжи на витрине, у прохожих просыпается аппетит

When passers-by look at attractive plastic food models in the window they feel hungry

  • Are you looking for new and effective ways of beautiful menu design and restaurant advertising?
  • Do you want your menu design to contribute to the increase in your restaurant profit?
  • Do you want to prevent your customers from having difficulty when reading long descriptions of dishes from your huge assortment?

Use plastic replicas of beverages and dishes to create beautiful menu design!

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