Japanese Restaurant Interior Design

С интерьером японского ресторана сочетаются оформление стола и блюд

Decoration of the table and dishes match the Japanese restaurant interior

Every year there are more and more people who fall in love with Japanese cuisine. Andthe reason is not only the original menu, but also special atmosphere which is created in these restaurants. This atmosphere is rendered through the Japanese restaurant interior design.

A few years ago, words like sushi or rolls meant nothing to us. And of course people knew nothing about such things as Japanese design and Japanese restaurant interior design. However time and fashion changeeverything. Today, Japanese restaurants filled our cities, they occupied all niches of restaurant business: from fast foods to high-end restaurants.

What is special about Japanese restaurantinterior design?

What interior conveys the authentic atmosphere of Japan, and helps peopleget into the culture and customs of this country at least for a while?

Since ancient times, the Japanese restaurantinterior design is dominated by minimalism, associated with deep philosophical convictions of the Japanese. The absence of unnecessary items in the interior, conciseness and simplicity – all these convey the aesthetic restaurant design made in Japanese style.

East is a delicate matter: nuances of Japanese restaurant interior design

Japanese minimalism is characterized by simplicity and elegance of architectural lines. There are several reasons for this:

  • The lack of land forced the Japanese to arrange theirlivesin confined space. The same room served as a living room, a dining room and a bedroom.
  • The same room served as a living room, a dining room and a bedroom.
  • The main place in a Japanese house is floor: the Japanese used low tables and cushions for sitting at the tablesduring meals and in the evening theyused the same place in the room to sleep by spreading mattresses on the floor.
  • The floor in a Japanese houseshould should be perfectly clean.
  • The main materials that the Japanese have used for construction since the ancient timesare bamboo, silk, cane and paper. The Japaneseused these materials for the interior and sliding partitions between rooms. Incidentally, the fashion for installing sliding-door wardrobes also came from Japan.

The decoration of Japanese interior iselegant patterns on paintings and walls. For lighting the Japanese traditionally use lampsunder the shade made of rice paper. Most of these shades are decorated with a cherry pattern or a Japanese character.

Дизайн интерьера японского ресторана характеризуется минимализмом

Japanese restaurant interior design is characterized by minimalism

Столики в японском ресторане разделены деревянными перегородками

Tables in a Japanese restaurant are separated by wooden partitions

Japanese restaurant interior design

Design in a Japanese restaurant is very important, every detail matters. It is very important for the Japanese to get aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding environment during a meal. Therefore, the attitude towardsrestaurant design in Japan is very serious. Here are some features specific to the interior design ofJapanese restaurants:

  • Everything from interior design to cuisine has its philosophical meaning and looks like a finished composition.
  • Dishes which are served in Japanhave suchelaborate and perfect design that they can be considered works of art.
  • The use of chopsticks instead of forks and spoons, as well as an incredible number of small plates of different colours and shapes is also a special tradition.
  • Everything in the Japanese restaurant suggests that the process of having a meal should be slow and enjoyable.

One of the main stages of having a meal in Japan is admiration of the dish before you try it. Therefore, in the last 80 years the tradition of decorating windows and interior design of Japanese restaurants with fake food dishes has gained recognition in Japan. Fake food allowsyou to see the dish in detail from all sides, learn its size and design and choose the best one to enjoy its taste later.

Window dressing with food replicas is an important element in design of traditional restaurants in Japan. To create authentic Japanese restaurant interior design, we need a holistic approach to understanding all the subtleties of Japanese culture.

Decorate the display window and interior of the Japanese restaurant with fake food dishes!

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Дизайн японского ресторана-1

Japanese restaurant interior design-1

Дизайн японского ресторана-2

Japanese restaurant interior design-2

Дизайн японского ресторана-3

Japanese restaurant interior design-3

Дизайн японского ресторана-4

Japanese restaurant interior design-4


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