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How to save on advertising up to 70% of the budget and up to 100% of the time

Have you ever thought how much money you lose every year on advertising your restaurant? Promotion on the radio and the Internet, billboards and signs, flyers and leaflets require regular financial investments. But these expenses can be avoided, saving up to 70% of the money and up to 100% of the time. You just need to find an appropriate method to attract customers.

How to choose an effective advertising tool

Many believe that traditional advertising is the most efficient.

“Since people use it, it means that it works” – that is how a restaurateur thinks and invests in radio and TV – announcements as well as online promotions.

However, each restaurant has different types of visitors and, for this reason, the appropriate methods should be chosen to attract them.

Where to start? First, you need to define your target audience. It directly depends on the location, menu, and the atmosphere of your restaurant. The more you understand your customer’s lifestyle, the easier it is to choose an effective advertising tool.

Let’s do some calculations

For example, your institution is located in a crowded place, like a busy street or a shopping center. How many people per day are passing by and seeing your restaurant?

If every minute 5 people pass by your restaurant, this is about 300 people per hour, and more than a million people per year!

So, per year at least a million potential consumers see your window.

That’s why the most efficient advertising for your restaurant will be a properly designed showcase.

Fake food is a new technology of influence on human behavior

Everyone knows that advertising is meant to deliver four important assignments:

1. To get attention;
2. To attract interest;
3. To evoke desire;
4. To provide a call to action.

Please take a look at the table, prepared by the Japanese experts of the restaurant business. It shows how different types of advertising affect the decision to visit a restaurant:

The most difficult task is to “evoke the desire.” This is a stage where people mostly say no to visiting the restaurant. In fact, the real effect of advertising comes from the third assignment. It is important to use a particular type of client attraction to encourage him to enter the door of your place.

The showcases with fake food dishes are a kind of advertising of the restaurant, which solves all four tasks at once. Fake dishes not only attract the attention of passers-by and provide the information about the restaurant. They have a powerful force that motivates people to act. That is to make a decision to go to the restaurant. How does it work?

  • A person who looks at the food dishes in the showcase instinctively get his appetite awaken, which persuades him to go to the restaurant.
  • Before deciding whether to enter the restaurant or not, the person has already chosen which food he wants to taste. Having understood what a person wants to eat, it is hard to overcome the desire to enter the restaurant.

The research made in Japan have confirmed that approximately 40% of the people who looked at the fake dishes in the restaurant window, eventually went to the restaurant and made an order.

Seven reasons why it is profitable for you

1. You raise the up profit to 300% from the first day. Because the fake food dishes start working from the moment you placed them in your showcase.

2. You save up to 70% of the advertising budget in the first year. And you do not spend a penny on advertising of your restaurant.

3. You save 100% of the time that would have been spent on advertising every month. The showcase with fake dishes is enough to install once, and it will boost your sales for many years.

4. You will decorate your façade with an exclusive showcase and a selling menu.

5. You will stand out from your competitors, because this knowhow in the market just began to gain popularity.

6. You are protected from any falsification since our products are made in Japanese factories, which belong to the direct heirs of the inventor of the fake food technology.

7. You get a quality guarantee. We carry a documented personal responsibility for the quality of products. We will return the cost of the fake food items in case they break down.

As a result, you earn more by increasing the customer flow and reducing the advertising budget.

Realize the effectiveness of the showcase decorated with fake dishes

You have the opportunity to see the efficiency of the fake food dishes. If you order 2-3 dishes from your menu and decorate your showcase, you will see the effect already from the first days.
You can choose the dishes which are not popular for some reason: either too expensive or have unfamiliar to visitors ingredients.
Just put the fake dishes to an outstanding place. Afterward, you will be able to quickly calculate how much the sales of these dishes will increase within very few days. If you put fake food items correctly, you will get these results:

On weekdays the sales will increase by 200-300%. On weekends – up to 500-700%.

But such an experiment has the other side of the coin. Sales of other dishes, which are not advertised by fake samples will significantly drop down. For this reason, 2-3 fake food decorations will not considerably affect your overall profit.

It is possible to substantially increase the total profit of the restaurant only by decorating the showcase with fake dishes that cover more than 50% of your menu.

Just think of the success of your advertising and future profit. Can you see the influence on your potential visitors and their buyer decision process? Try to calculate what is cheaper: a monthly fee for media advertisements which only inform people or one-time decoration of the showcase with a visual menu which will serve your business for many years.

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