How to Increase Sales in a Restaurant by 120% and more?

Правильное оформление витрины поможет увеличить продажи в ресторане

Proper window dressing will help increase sales in a restaurant

Do you know why people pay attention to your restaurant but pass by?

The unknown scares them! When passers-by look at display windows and names of places they don’t know what dishes are served there and what they cost. Therefore, people prefer food-serving establishments they are familiar with.

Many restaurateurs just sit and wait for customers who are willing to take risks and try something new. But you are a successful restaurateur and of course, you want your business to be prosperous.

How to increase sales in a restaurant?

Imagine that instead of traditional design of the display window passers-by can see seductive mouth-watering dishes. They can’t resist the temptation and enter your food-serving establishment with confidence.

“How is it possible?” you’ll ask. All this is possible with the help of plastic food replicas that look so realistic that they are very difficult to distinguish from the real dishes in your menu.

  1. Fake food dishes present a menu in the best possible way. Any passer-by can see the range of dishes in the restaurant window and choose something before entering the food-serving establishment.
  2. In front of fake dishes you show their names and prices. Thus, the fear of going to the unknown food-serving establishment disappears.

How do plastic food models increase sales in a restaurant?

  • Fake food dishes do not only attract customers but also encourage them to order more. Mouth-watering replicas look so seductive that guests want to try more dishes from the menu and come back to the restaurant.
  • Studies of Japanese marketers showed that 40% of passers-by who approached the window with fake food items enter the food-serving establishment.
  • Restaurant owners that properly decorated their windows with fake food dishes tell about profit increase by 120 – 300%!
Муляжи помогают убедить прохожих, что у вас хорошая кухня и доступные цены

Fake dishes help convince passers-by that you offer good cuisine and reasonable prices

Do you want to increase profits by decorating display windows of the restaurant?

Do you want to try our way to increase sales in the restaurant and attract customers to the cafe?

Is your dream a restaurant that thrives for many years?

Get plastic replicas of your mouth-watering dishes for the restaurant display window!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make plastic food replicas that will increase your profits. View fake dishes in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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