Cafe and Restaurant Promotion: Effective Japanese Method

Эффективный способ продвижения ресторана и кафе – витрина с муляжами блюд

Effective way of cafe and restaurant promotion is a display window with fake food dishes

Are you looking for new methods of cafe and restaurant promotion?

It seems that everything has already been tried and it’s impossible to surprise customers. But there is a way of cafe and restaurant promotion about which few people know.

  • The effect is guaranteed and flash-like.
  • The idea is brilliant in its simplicity.

This method originated in Japan where people have been using this gold mine to advertise restaurants for a long time.

Fake food dishes in restaurant and cafe promotion

Fake food items mimic dishes from your menu and therefore ensure:

1. unprecedented cafe and restaurant promotion
2. a huge flow of customers
3. effective advertising by means of word of mouth

Now every customer will gladly praise your food-serving establishment. Because it’s you who solved and satisfied his need and nobody in the restaurant business had done this before. And what helped you in this is a unique Japanese way of cafe and restaurant promotion.

Plastic food replicas ensure maximum visibility. Do you like buying things without looking at them from all sides? Or buying a suit without trying it on? The same goes for food. A display window decorated with plastic food models has a hypnotic effect on customers. Passers-by:

1. stop
2. consider
3. discuss
4. choose
5. enter your food-serving establishment

Here’s how this way of cafe and restaurant promotion works:

Прохожих привлекла витрина кафе, оформленная соблазнительными муляжами

The cafe window decorated with replicas of seductive dishes attracted passers-by

Познакомились с ассортиментом, приценились, выбрали блюда, зашли в кафе

They got to know the assortment, checked the price, chose dishes and entered the cafe

Efficiency of restaurant and cafe promotion with the help of fake food items is confirmed by studies done by Japanese marketers. According to these studies 40% of passers-by who approached the window with food replicas go to the restaurant.

  • Are you looking for new ways of restaurant and cafe promotion?
  • Do you need effective restaurant and cafe advertising?
  • Do you want your competitors to envy your success?

Promote your food-serving establishment using plastic replicas of your tempting dishes!

Продвижение кафе при помощи муляжей блюд доказывает свою эффективность

Cafe promotion using fake food dishes proves its efficiency

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