The Best Equipment for Selling Ice Cream

In which hand will the ice cream melt faster: the left or the right one?

Let’s do an experiment. Let’s take two identical ice creams, sit in the sun and keep time.

1 минута

1 minute

5 минут

5 minutes

7 минут

7 minutes

10 минут

10 minutes

That’s all. The ice cream in the right hand melted. Thus, the correct answer: in the right hand.

What do you think the secret is? Have you guessed? The secret is not the hand, the secret is ice cream! The ice cream in the left hand will never melt, because it is made of silicone.

“And why do we need this ice cream?” you ask. If you are an ordinary passer-by, it doesn’t do anything to you (well, if only to make fun of your friends). But if you sell ice cream and want to attract customers and increase sales, invest in advertising once, get incredible regular profits and leave competitors far behind, you cannot do without such equipment for selling ice cream on the street.

If you put all kinds of ice cream you offer on display, you will no longer need to worry about sales. You will have to worry about the fridge capacity, as sales of ice cream will increase by at least 120%. And if your kiosk or shop is located in a crowded place, sales will increase by 300% and more. You have dreamed of such sales of ice cream, haven’t you?

Для увеличения продаж мороженого на улице нужны муляжи мороженного

To increase sales of ice cream on the street you need plastic replicas of ice cream

What is the secret of selling silicone ice cream?

The secret of selling this ice cream is that in hot summer when passers-by are languid with the heat and even shadows of trees do not feel cool and refreshing, a rare passer-by can cope with the temptation to buy and eat refreshing ice cream when he sees a huge assortment. According to Japanese marketers, 40% of passers-by are sure to choose their favourite one and make a purchase when they see an alluring variety.

Fake ice cream made by highly professional Japanese craftsmen looks so realistic that it is impossible to believe that it is not real. In addition, it is made from the most modern materials: silicone which does not change the form when it is hot or humid and paint which does not fade in the sun. So, if you get the equipment for selling ice cream on the street, you won’t need to think about new advertising because plastic food replicas will work for you for many years.

  • Are you going to prosper for a long time?
  • Do you want to increase sales of ice cream and raise profits?
  • Do you want to leave competitors far behind?

Attract customers by means of mouth-watering ice cream display!

Витрина мороженого -1

Ice cream display – 1

Витрина мороженого -2

Ice cream display – 2

Витрина мороженого -3

Ice cream display – 3


Equipment for selling ice cream

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